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We invite you and your High School to participate in a FREE county wide supported hands-on learning experience that connects your students and will set them up for success. We seek progressive high schools that want to encourage and provide technical career exploration and invest in their student’s future by exposing them to a fun, dynamic challenge called Project G.R.I.L.L.

Project G.R.I.L.L… allows students to explore a career in manufacturing through hands-on real world learning and implementation. They experience the full range of production from design, project management, and fabrication to finishing, assembly, testing, quality control, and marketing. In addition, all students can earn up to 3 credits at Lakeshore Technical College (LTC), for first and second year of participation. These credits are valued at nearly $800 for 2 years of participation. One student per school will receive a $1,000 scholarship good towards any accredited secondary schooling.

Academic Benefits

Throughout the school year, students will design, fabricate, and market custom grills. This process will provide an exciting and challenging delivery method for teaching competencies in the following occupational skill sets:

Safety & Quality
Industrial Engineering Technology
Mechanical & Concept Design Technology
Machine Tool Technology
Communication, Team Building, Leadership
Metal Fabrication & Welding
Painting & Finishing
Time Management & Problem Solving

Opportunities in Wisconsin Manufacturing

Wisconsin ranks 5th in the US with 19.1% of its Gross State Product coming from Manufacturing.
Manufacturers in Wisconsin account for over 19 percent of the total state output, employing over 16 percent of the state workforce.
Manufacturing compensation is more than $24,000 higher than other non-farm employers in the state.

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Project Leader
– leads entire project, assigns responsibilities for teams, schedules meetings with High School and Sponsor representatives, monitors deadlines
Design Team Leader
– leads design engineers to produce grill designs and monitors deadlines
Design Engineers
– develop concept of product, produce accurate drawings for manufacturing
Finance Team Leader
– leads purchasers, meets with Engineering group for project costing, schedules material purchases and monitors deadlines
– find affordable supplies and research components
– fabricate parts from prints for assembly
– weld components together
– finish aesthetics and test grill for fit and functionality(all movable parts)
Documentation/Marketing Team Leader
– leads group and monitors documentation and presentation deadlines
Documentation Assistants
– edit project log book: pictures, power points, instruction manual
Marketing Assistants
– develop marketing concept and materials (pictures, flyers, video, etc.)


Get your grill on!

Ask your office our guidance counselor if your high school is participating in Project G.R.I.L.L. If your school is not signed up, print out the School Application, and give to your principal or teacher. Or feel free to contact us by clicking here.